Disease Ecology (BSC 497-9/695-9) - Fall

Disease Ecology is an upper-level lecture class (graduate/undergraduate) that focuses on mechanisms of pathogen transmission over space and time and how host and pathogens interact at the population, community and ecosystem scales. These goals differ from those of parasitology, which focuses on life cycles and taxonomy, and from epidemiology, which targets risk factors for pathogenic agents. 

Microbiomes in Health & Disease 

(BSC 497-7/695-7) - Spring

Microbiomes play an integral role in host health. This class introduces students to the use of genomic techniques to quantify microbial diversity across a wide variety of organisms and habitats using methods that do not require microbial culturing. Students use laboratory and bioinformatic tools, practice statistical analyses, interpret genomic data, and become familiar with primary literature in the field.


One of our study species: the precious Pumpkin Toadlet (Brachycephalus pitanga)

Parque Estadual da Serra do Mar

Brazil's Atlantic Forest; São Paulo, Brazil

Photo © Alberto Lopez-Torres